Deco supports creativity and believes in smart design. It selects the best projects and realizes them respecting its own values.

BAHUT , D\ZEN , QUARTZ and the collaboration with DECO

CTRLZAK Art & Design Studio is internationally active in the art and design field. The studio, founded by Thanos Zakopoulos (Greece) and Katia Meneghini (Italy) and supported by a multidisciplinary team, follows a creative vision not limited to a specific sector, thus allowing the development of projects ranging from the conception of objects and interior designs to site specific art installations. CTRLZAK uses semiotic and cognitive instruments during the entire creative process, proposing shapes that go beyond the common aesthetic value. The creative approach of the studio relates itself with the social, environmental and cultural context where it operates. In designing its objects, the studio emphasizes aspects particularly tied to the memory and history of the place where they are re-contextualized – with special attention to details and to their symbolic value –while, at the same time, maintaining their functionality.


The collaboration with Deco and CTRLZAK Art & Design Studio was born from a common vision oriented towards an infectious experimentation with brand new designs realized using natural materials. The exclusive employment of materials already existing in nature (a feature that marks the entire Deco production) is considered one of the project's key principles by the CTRLZAK team.