All materials used are totally natural, without any chemical additive and with warranty certificates.
Goose feathers
Brass, Nickel, Oro
The most important material involved in DECO production process is natural latex foam. Natural latex is distilled from Hevea plants and possesses extraordinary antibacterial properties. It is the most elastic material known in nature and it can immediately return to its original shape after any kind of stress: a unique feature only paralleled by human epidermis.


DECO’s sofas frame is composed of jute structural belts made in different typologies and rigidities. Once interwoven with each others, they become the joint base of the untreated steel springs. The special structure created, supported by resistant solid wood frameworks, makes the springs capable of absorbing and distributing weight in the best way. This process, although slow and complicated, grants - if performed workmanlike – more comfort in seating because the sofa adapts itself better to stress and ensures greater durability.

For the padding material Deco only uses natural latex manufactured in Italy. Latex possesses higher specific gravity and lift than polyurethane foam, thus providing the advantage of having softness, flexibility and transpiration at the same time.

All materials used by Deco have warranty certificates that attest their actual origin and composition.


certificati di garanzia

FSC: The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) label ensures that the products contain wood from responsibly harvested and verified forests that meet FSC demanding environmental, social and economical standards.

OEKO-TEX: The Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is a globally uniform testing and certification system for raw textile materials, intermediate and final products thoroughly verified at each production stage.

E0: E0 for the HCHO or formaldehyde is a European standard rating that indicates the absence of emissions (0.5mg/liter and below) of that substance in products displaying this label.

WOOLS OF NEW ZEALAND: Wools of New Zealand is a premium brand identifying products manufactured by licensed partners who meet demanding quality standards and fiber content requirements